I guess I’m a blogger now.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my very first post! Warning: I am, by no means, a great writer. I make grammar mistakes and spelling errors. I enjoy learning and improving myself, so your feedback is welcome.

I’m sure the first people to read this will be family and friends who know me very well (and were informed by myself that I had a blog). I hope this better explains how I arrived where I am today which is unemployed/self-employed, penny pinching, and happy. Whether you have heard the story or not, it seemed like a good place to begin.

Let’s start with the craziness of October. I had several jumbled trains of thought (which are conveyed by the quotations below) during that month which guided me to this very moment. It was basically an ongoing conversation with myself (come on, I know I’m not the only one who talks things out in my head) that lasted about a week. This discussion began during a rather crappy shift, which turned into a crappy week, at my crappy retail job. Nothing seemed to be going as planned, customers were being jerks, and my coworkers were in a panic because of dumb, retail holiday prep drama.

“What am I doing here, working retail? I spent so much time and money going to college so I could have an awesome career. Oh right, I’m here because I have student loans to pay back and this was the first job I could find after moving half way across the Pacific ocean. I had to do something, I can’t fall behind on loans.”

Which made me realize that I was grateful for that crappy job because it provided me money to make loan payments. I also realized I was NOT happy. So I began to think of positive things because I didn’t want to keep being unhappy.

“I am creative. I want to create things. My current job does not allow me to express my creativity.”

I decided after work I’d go home and create stuff. I walked in the door and…..

“I need to organize this house. I bet I could create things to make my home more organized. I do enjoy organizing. I’ll do that, organize and clean. I love having a clean home. Shoot, I just love being home. Maybe I should work from home.”

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“Maybe, just maybe, I could work from home, creating things that would make homes more organized. I should do that. I will do that. How do I do that? I will research it and take notes on what others have done. (Conducted research and took A LOT of notes.) Good thing I like to write! Maybe I should write about my new little adventure so I can keep track of where I started verses where I end up. It may be beneficial to have something to look back on. I will do that.”

Since that moment, when I decided I didn’t want to be unhappy anymore, I have quit my retail job (odd how almost ALL the stress disappeared), started this blog, ordered supplies, and will be opening my first Etsy shop. I have decided to make and sell Primitive style (rustic/country, call it what you want) home and garden decor. Hence the name Lovely. Primitive. Home.

I think, that is all for today folks. I have a lot of work to do. Maybe that will be what my next post is about… the time and effort it takes to go from everyday retail worker to small business owner. Ciao!